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How To Save Money On A UK Wedding

on February 16, 2015

Kent weddings, and really almost all weddings in the UK, have become very expensive. The average cost now hovers around £20,000. Unless you are a football superstar, that is a small fortune. But, it is your big day, you say; it deserves to be special, you insist. We are not refuting that fact. All we are saying is that there is a way through which you can have just as glamorous a wedding as you want without breaking the bank (or several, at these prices). Here are some tips that will help you save a lot of money while keeping the shine on your special day.

Stick To Your Budget.
The very first thing you need to do is to create a budget. That is the most important part. The second most important part is this; STICK to the budget created. Very often people get carried away and blow what is normally a reasonable wedding budget out of proportion because they suddenly remembered there is a long lost cousin whose neighbour has a friends whose daughter’s boyfriend wants to attend the ceremonies. Do not falter! Create a reasonable budget and stick to it.

Haggle Like Your Life Depended On It.
Before your big day, you will be meeting with vendors. These are people who should give you the best price possible. What you need to know is that they won’t just offer these discounts to you, you have to compel them to. For example, Kent wedding photographers are a very friendly lot. If you propose a reasonable counter-offer to their asking price, you should be able to work something out. (word of advice: use the same wedding photographers for your engagement and wedding. You will get a better deal this way). Wedding photography in Kent doesn’t have to be so expensive, if you only play your cards well.

Steer Clear Of Peak Wedding Dates.
From Valentines weekend to popular summer weddings, these are all dates that every bride dreams of. The reality is this, they are just dates. What makes this day romantic is the people you share it with. Plus, these peak wedding dates are highly commercialized and will lead to your spending much more than you would have had you chosen a less than regular wedding date.

From planning your wedding well in advance, sticking to your budget and choosing the right wedding photographers in Kent such as Lovepear Photography, there are several ways you can actually cut costs without casting a gloom on the proceedings.

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