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Online Voting Systems

on March 15, 2016

The United States of America is a country that prides itself on the concept of democracy. Despite having existed for only about two hundred years, it has taken the stance as the world’s top super power. Democracy is the value of citizens of the nation having the ability to say how they think the country should be run, and it elects representatives to speak their thoughts for the future of the United States. However, there have been many people who decided that voting has been too much trouble for a variety of reasons, such as the inconvenience of voting times, the general ignorance of politics, and how time consuming voting can be. In order to remedy such a decrease in voter turnout, online voting systems have been developed.

The environment has become an increasingly important issue for the public, although very few politicians have addressed the people’s concerns. Regardless, paper comes from trees. A great deal of paper is used every time there is an election through the use of paper ballots. Instead of wasting paper that will more than likely not be recycled, people now have the option to vote for who they want via applications on iOS and Android platforms.

Besides saving paper, having the ability to vote from essentially any location is undeniably valuable. Election Days are held on Tuesdays, which is a work day for the majority of society. After work, many people want to return home or have no time to vote during the times that the polls are open. The online voting system, however, allows people to vote from anywhere at any time during the day elections are held. This will likely contribute to increasing voter participation, as people can easily vote using the app from wherever they may be.

Typically, voting applications are suggested to be filled out prior to the designated day to vote. However, online election software would permit for people to complete these applications whenever they are free. This will save a great deal of time for all parties involved, rather than waiting in seemingly endless lines to simply register to vote and complete the action of voting itself.

The right to vote in this democratic society is an extremely important right that many U.S. citizens take for granted. They believe that other people will go vote so there is no need for them to participate; however, if everyone has that sort of mindset, then the voter turnout overall will be low. The lack of education in politics has led to fewer and fewer people voting throughout the years. Online voting systems will help make the act of voting easier for everyone, and increase the amount of voters with the use of this new technology.

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